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Ayurveda is a complementary Health care system practiced since time immemorial.  One would want to pursue Ayurveda as a choice of his own or because of peer pressure.  Either way, before you take a leap ponder on a few points. Questions to ponder upon: Is this the Profession that I would see myself for the rest of my

Of the many ways Ayurveda treats and heals, Panchakarma is a widely used facility that rejuvenates the body and the mind.  Ayurveda employs the approach that ailments are caused owing to accumulation of toxins in the body, and functions to eliminate the toxins and tackle the ailment at the root of it. Panchakarma is a part of

Everytime you enter an Ayurveda hospital or a college, you would find the Dhanvantari statue guarding and beautifying the entrance. We know him to be the symbol of Ayurveda, but ever wondered about the context of it? The history of Dhanvantari being the face of Ayurveda trails back to the story of Samudra Manthan, or the churning