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Ayurveda Goals!

Ayurveda is a complementary Health care system practiced since time immemorial.  One would want to pursue Ayurveda as a choice of his own or because of peer pressure.  Either way, before you take a leap ponder on a few points.

Questions to ponder upon:

  • Is this the Profession that I would see myself for the rest of my life
  • Where do you see yourself as an Ayurveda Scholar?
  • Have you met people from Ayurveda fraternity (clinicians, academicians, researchers) having 25- 35 years of successful career

If one is able to answer these questions and feel “yes, I can take it up and I relate to it”. Then yes, you are in the right path.

But take a pause; you have to assess a few more personal conditions:

  • Scrutinize your social status
  • Review the financial status of your family
  • Assess the condition of family health
  • Do you have a set goal and whether this career make you achieve it- be it personal or  professional
  • Are you ready  to dedicate time for achieving your career height

Is your answer a Yes

Then look out for the following details:

  • Check out at least 10 Ayurveda colleges
  • Visit the departments to evaluate the infrastructure, laboratories, museums, library, etc.
  • Assess the academic resources
  • Interact with few Professors & appraise their depth of knowledge, their mannerisms, confidence, etc.
  • Meet few scholars to know about the college in detail 
  • Interact with 10- 15 outgoing students to know the knowledge that they have gained and skills learnt
  • Assess the quality of products of the institution

Clinical skills are of primary importance and this is provided not just by the clinicians and teachers but also the Teaching & Training resources. So look for,

  • Resource of Teaching & Training 
  • Varieties of Health seekers treated
  • Average stay of the patient
  • Nursing staff and other service providers
  • Different specialty services
  • Whether patient that comes horizontally goes back vertically 

If you are satisfied, then look for other facilities like:

  • Hostel- Is the ambience right that you are looking for
  • Food- Whether wholesome food is provided to maintain the nutritional status you need
  • Extracurricular facilities- For overall development whether extracurricular activities encouraged

Ensure you are choosing the college of your choice.

Key to achieve goals:

  • Follow what you learn
  • Hard work
  • Imbibe skills 
  • Study- learn through books, teachers, peers, patients
  • Live Ayurveda- it says about daily regimen and seasonal regimen
  • Implement the science in life as Ayurveda is the science of life

A person will have many dreams and these dreams could come true through Ayurveda. What is needed is dedication, hard work, perseverance, skill, humanity, patience and above all a spirit of workmanship.

There are many Ayurveda scholars, academicians, researches who have carved their own path and niche among the fraternity of Ayurveda. You could be one!