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Garbha Samskar

GARBHA SAMSKAR (Preconception care)

What we are today is what we were in the womb! It is not only the genes which matter but the functionality of the genes (epigenetics)i.e. intra uterine foetal programming depends on the atmosphere in the womb. Hence effective Garbha Samskara is being  provided to the couple who are planning for conscious pregnancy thus leading to effective parenting.

Garbha samskara /Preconceptional care is the care or advice given to a couple planning a pregnancy well before the time of actual conception.

Presently when the pregnant women approaches the obstetricians for antenatal care, it is too late in terms of preconceptional care ,as organogenesis would have been completed by that time. Several researchers have found that the first 280 days in the mother’s womb has the utmost bearing on the future mental and physical health of the individual. We pass more mile stones while in the womb than after being born. Obstetrician feels herself incapacitated to take steps to prevent any congenital or genetic problems. In the era of increased physical, psychological, emotional and social disability, Preconceptional care is a boon from Ayurveda.
Garbhadhana is a common ritual described in Dharma Shastra and Ayurveda which leads to psychological tranquillity,  body purification and treatment methods helping in physical equilibrium Appropriate food, lifestyle modifications, Pancha karma along with yoga and pranayama for better fertility is adviced account to the individual.

The benefits of planned pregnancy are

  • Training of future citizen in utero and much before that to beget high ranked personalities.
  • To elevate the physical, psychological, spiritual and health status of foetus.
  • To combat the social problems like corruption, criminal tendency and addictions which are the indications of Heena sattva.
  • To combat increased ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, depression, psychological illness and to promote healthy progeny.
  • To combat personal health problems like allergies, neurological problems, psychological problems, easy susceptibility to addictions and infections by increasing psychological physical immunity.

Thus Preconceptional  awareness/counselling is of utmost importance to guide the couple in the right direction

Maternal attitude is the most important factor in determining the child’s physical and emotional well-being. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of cheerfulness/happiness/satisfaction of mind for conception (Soumanasyam Garbhajanananam). Anxiety during pregnancy is a common problem. Anxiety and stress could have consequences on the course of the pregnancy and the later development of the child. New studies suggest that singing and listening to music triggers the brain to release oxytocin and dopamine, neurotransmitters and hormones tied to such emotions as joy and love. Anxiety responds well to non‐pharmacological interventions such as Music therapy, wherein the expert will guide and train the pregnant woman through a soothing music to experience complete relaxation. These music therapy sessions will be conducted on request during their scheduled visits.

Prasooti Tantra(Matru Swasthyam)(Obstetrics ): “Matru Swasthyam Loka Swasthyam” as the saying a goes only if the mother is healthy will she be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Ayurveda specializes in providing  maternal health with utmost care and vigilance by advising:

  • Garbha sthapana – A unique Ayurvedic therapy through nasal route advocated in the 1 st trimester of pregnancy during Pushyanakshatra days . This ensures stability of the embryo which in turn yields a healthy foetus. Also prevents Recurrent Abortions by rendering strength  to the Uterus
  • Garbhini Paricharya: Masanumasika –monthwise care is provided with Aushadha (medicine),Ahara (diet /nutrition),yoga and pranayama, with music therapy to have easy and uncomplicated delivery along with contemporary Ante Natal Care (ANC).
  • Hombale prayoga: A specially prepared medicated drink “Hombale prayoga” is  administered to the pregnant women at the hospital premises. This special multi ingredient nutritive formulation is a traditional recipe to sustain the developing foetus and improve the general immunity and wellness of the mother. It is administered on every pushyanakshatra .
  • Prasava paricharya: Specialised treatments which facilitate normal vaginal delivery, start well before the process of onset of labour during the 9 th month of pregnancy Therapies such as , Basti , Lepa, Abhyanga etc are advised during pregnancy, to ease the process of vaginal delivery, enhance the pain threshold of the parturient and prevent complications during labour which may ultimately resort to assisted labour and Caesarian section.
  • Sutika Paricharya : Series of regime , postdelivery includes Pathyahaara, Vyayama, Abhyanga, Sootika snana, Dhoopana, Pattabandhana etc. for achieving Vata shamana , which invariably helps in involution of uterus and improvement of Lactation and thus a healthy transformation to the Pre-Pregnant state.
  • Breast feeding awareness : Invoking awareness among young mothers with the concept of   “Breast feeding –  the Best feeding”! Encouraging expectant mothers and young mothers to exclusively breast feed the baby during initial six months of infant life and continue Breastfeeding till completion of  1 year. Awareness involves explaining various unparalleled –longterm benefits to the baby and its positive impact over the mother’s health in prevention of menopausal syndrome and disorders like Carcinomas