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Department of Rachana Shareera


Shareera, Rachana is the science which deals with the study of human body and mind in relation to its structural norms. This is one of the vital subject, useful not only for first professional students but for all professions and practitionersThe department of Shareera Rachana makes the students to undergo the Cadaver dissection, computerized dissection (digital), Histological study etc. It tries to simplify the subject by Comparative and Correlative study with the modern science.Knowledge of Shareera Rachana is essential for better understanding of principles of Chikitsa. It has attracted lot of importance in the field of Surgery. Knowledge of Applied anatomy will make student able to do a preliminary diagnosis of the disease.


To be the Department of excellence with integrated, interdisciplinary teaching and Research in Shareera Rachana (Human Anatomy) geared towards health care needs of humanity


  • A centre of learning and preparing students for academic pursuits, medical professional training, enhanced personal lives and responsible global citizenship
  • Extending frontiers of knowledge through relevant interdisciplinary Research
  • Fostering an intellectual culture that bridges basic science and clinical practice
  • Contributing to the enhancement of health of humanity by service moto

Departmental Initiatives

  • Anatomy Teaching for BAMS STUDENTS
  • Counselling and Registration of Voluntary Body Donors, Public awareness programs for voluntary body donation
  • Corporate and School training programs for creating awareness about the Human Body in Health & Diseases.