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Department of Kayachikitsa

General Medicine

Kayachikitsa Department incorporates the Manasaroga, Rasayana and Vajeekarana under its hood. Kayachikitsa deals with treating of Shareerika rogas (Diseases afflicting the Body) from fever to various chronic maladies from its root cause. The Mansaroga deals with treatment ofvarious pschylogical conditions pertaining to manas. Rasayana Chikitsa focuses on the rejuvenation of the body and mind, and thereby one can have a healthy long life.Rasayana concentrates to delay the aging process and also provides the necessary care and nourishment to the Geriatric conditions. Vajikarana emphasis on treating infertility and such other conditions which inhibit the couples from having a healthy progeny. The Departmental front focuses to provide classical knowledge of the diseases and its management to the students. Department Library is enriched with more than 80 books for the benefit of staff and students. Relative number of informative Charts, specimens and models are available in the department.


To rejuvenate the body, ignite the mind and revitalise the spirit.

There by uplift the prinicple of Ayurveda ‘aathurasya vikara prashamanam cha roganruth.



Holistic approach towards the infirmity with comprehensive treatment, imparting medical education and clinical skills par excellence.

Bringing up compassianate Doctors of Ayurveda to the society.

To promote evidence based research activity.

Departmental Initiatives

To train the students to be excellent clinicians who can provide the comprehensive care to the patient.
To provide comprehensive care to the patients with the multiple problems bringing in relief from pain and sufferings, promotion of health and prevention of diseases and cure of the diseases where possible and care of those diseases which cannot be cured.