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Department of Agada Tantra Evam Vidhi Vaidyak

Toxicology & Forensic Medicine

The department was formed in January 2016.Since then the department is growing and working for the upliftment of Agada Tantra(Ayurveda Toxicology). Agada Tantra is one amongst the eight clinical branches of Ayurveda which deals with identification, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various Visha(poison) conditions.Students are also trained in Vyavahara Ayurveda ( Forensic medicine) and Vishivaidyaka( Medical Jurisprudence) in this department.


Our vision is to evolve as a Centre of Excellence for Academics, Research and Clinical Services in the realm of toxicology to widen scholarly knowledge and understanding of Visha for valuable applicability in higher education and curative endeavors and fortify the contributions of the discipline of Agada Tantra towards the attainment of new frontiers for the everlasting Science of Life.


  1. To develop Agada tantra department into a centre where traditional Visha vaidya Chikitsa could be explored and validated scientifically.
  2. To impart awareness among the general public on – Environmental pollution, use of harmful pesticides that contaminate natural sources of human food and the use of chemical cosmetics, substance abuse etc.
  3. To educate and inspire students to follow ethical medical practice and to give adequate exposure to face the medicolegal challenges successfully

Departmental Initiatives

At present the Department handles subjects such as – Visha vijnana( Ayurveda Toxicology), Forensic Science, Jurisprudence, Acts & rules related to medical field,Impacts of air-water-land pollutions, Medical Ethics for 3rd year BAMS students. Agada Tantra Department Lab: Toxicology lab was setup after the commencement of UG classes in December 2016. Currently the lab has facilities to conduct food adulteration detection tests. Museum of Department of Agadatantra at present lodges specimens related to the topics of Agadatantra, Forensic science and Jurisprudence for effective teaching at UG level. The Museum at present holds a total of 300 items of exhibit in the form of charts, Models, Dry and wet mount specimens, raw drugs, Agada formulations etc. Agada Vana :Toxic medicinal plants as well as Alexeteric medicinal plants (vishahara) are being grown as a balcony garden and ground plot for demonstration to UG students. Agada Tantra Departmental reference library: Departmental library is having a good array of Ayurvedic and Modern books related to toxicology, Forensic medicine and Medical jurisprudence. Research manuscripts related to ethnobotanical, experimental, clinical and review studies on toxicology are also being catalogued in the library ( year wise). Few ancient regional books on toxicology as well as Xerox bound books on toxicology are also made available.